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Annette Watts

Annette is an artist, educator, writer, and personal coach. She values personal connection and hopes to share her knowledge, insight, and experience with her community. She loves traveling, hiking, cooking, and playing board games. 

Her professional experience includes directing, educating, and mentoring individuals and families in the public school system as a theatre arts director. She worked with middle school students and families who experienced emotional disturbance and helped them overcome performance anxiety, develop social skills, and explore self-regulation strategies throughout their time in the theatrical program. 

She also works as an editor and consultant for literary works and academic curriculum. 

Annette was raised in El Paso, TX. She grew up in a bicultural family that blended the Mexican and American cultures together. She speaks three languages: English, Spanish, and Portuguese. In school, she developed a deep passion for the performing arts, participating and competing in local and state competitions. She was also heavily involved in student and community events. She loved being able to impact her community by reading to elementary students and performing in nursing homes. 

Upon receiving her B.A. in Musical Theatre from West Texas A&M University, she went on to work in facility sales. She helped navigate event management which included budgeting, marketing, and obtaining high profile contracts for business. She left facility sales and obtained her first teaching position, teaching theatre arts to middle school students. She taught theatre arts for several years. While teaching full-time, she began mentoring students and families alongside community organizations. She also continued working on her master's degree. In 2021, she focused on her family after the death of her father. She always felt a deep connection to her faith and is grateful to God and her support system for transformational healing after struggling with grief. 

Upon leaving the classroom, she completed her master's degree and focused on her writing. She has published several literary works that include themes of faith, family, and relationships. She supports other writers and authors by helping them develop their craft through editorial services of literary and dramatic works. Since receiving her M.A. in Mental Health & Wellness Counseling from Angelo State University, she has pursued her passion for coaching and mentoring to help others on their personal and professional journey. She has helped teens and adults navigate new goals, understand emotion regulation, develop healthy communication, and support overall life changes. 

She has years of experience mentoring families. As a former teacher in the classroom and a community mentor, she is dedicated to helping others create healthy goals, establish healthy boundaries, and practice healthy communication in order to achieve a balanced lifestyle. 

Her personal approach to coaching includes: 

She is passionate about encouraging others to develop their personal and professional goals. "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another." She believes that everyone has the ability to change to live the fulfilled life they were created for. Her specializations include self-awareness strategies, stress management, time management, reframing, and effective communication. 

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